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Two Sweet Cupcakes is the Huntington Beach cupcake bakery you've been dreaming of! We bake everything from scratch! We deliver! We cater events! We customize! And we can't wait to bake for you! Two Sweet Cupcakes, where one is NEVER enough, is owned by Huntington Beach native, slash, Long Beach State graduate, Erica Hagaman, and she excitedly invites you to stay awhile! Explore our e-bakery, and while you're here, see what we've been baking, flip through our menu, read over testimonies, drool over our photographs, and perhaps consider ordering yourself a dozen... or two!

flavor of the month

Cinnamini Pears & Maple This cupcake is my celebration of summer; my celebration of a very dear friend on his birthday. It is my ode to June! It is my ode to summer, and from this point forward, the sultry, sweet, summery and earthy taste of pears and maple syrup, colored with cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, and ginger will remind me always of the wonderful time Ryan and I had at Daniel's birthday, surrounded by his friends and family, soaking up the very first days of the brand new season upon us, intoxicated by the scent of vanilla and sugar and butter!

meet Erica Hagaman

Although originally from Huntington Beach, Erica Hagaman has been away for far too long. After UCLA, a stint in Philadelphia, and many, many other travels, Erica is finally back, and this time, she's baking! After receiving her graduate degree in English Literature, she has committed herself to the baking of delicious, creative, customized cupcakes! Baked with our values always held tightly in mind, Two Sweet Cupcakes create a dessert that hopefully reminds you of something your mother or grandmother would've made, that is if she used top shelf ingredients, booze in a majority of her icings, and wouldn't touch a cake mix box with a ten foot pole. Inspired by classic Americana, down South flavors, always baked with individual attention and care, before finally being finished and executed at a professional level, Two Sweet Cupcakes aims for perfection and utter satisfaction with every cupcake and every bite.

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